Most people in North America and Europe have never heard of QQ Mail, yet it’s one of the biggest email services in the entire world, comparable to Yahoo, and its associated social network QZone is second only to Facebook in terms of the number of active registered users. (It offers imap, pop and smtp services. Check bellow QQ MAIL IMAP, POP, and SMTP Settings) How can this be?

The answer, in one word, is: China. Because so many websites that we take for granted here are blocked in China, they have no choice but to develop alternatives that are permitted by the government. QQ Mail or qqmail is the country’s most popular free email platform, and considering China’s sizeable population, that allows it to rank alongside major services like Yahoo and Gmail.

Source: QQ MAIL


Incoming Settings

The IMAP server is and it is using the port 993. It requires SSL. 

The POP server is and it is using the port 995. It requires SSL. 

Outgoing Settings

The outgoing SMTP server is, and it is using the ports 465. It requires SSL.

Your email address is your username.


source: QQ Mail